It’s National Donut Day Today!

HAPPY National Donut DAY!!!! Yes my children were very quick to point this holiday out to me.  So I thought I would post this  so you would know you can get a free donut today with the purchase of a free beverage at Dunkin Donuts. And to go along with the Donut theme… I thought I would re-post a blog I did 3 months ago. It is a funny little story that happened at… yup you guessed it- Dunkin Donuts! Enjoy!


As a special treat I took my kids to Dunkin Donuts yesterday. Everyone else seemed to have the same idea too because we had to wait in line. Waiting is hard for any child but to an ASPIE… well lets just say it is not something they do well.

I tried to distract the kids by having them play a game. “See if there is a donut’s name for every letter of the alphabet.”

Apple Crumb, Bavarian Kreme, Chocolate Frosted, Dulce de Leche…

And then our game was stopped (which is a good thing because there is no Dunkin Donut starting with the letter E).The lady in front of us dropped her change. One dime and a shiny penny went rolling onto the ground and just so happened to land in front of my son. Jay bent down to pick them up. Here was the moment of truth. Would he put them in his pocket or would he give them back?

The elderly woman behind us, assuming that my son was just bending down to be helpful, started commenting on what a nice young man he was. I on the other hand knew it could go either way.

He put them in his pocket.The woman behind me gasped in shocked.

“Jay, that is not your money. Please give it back to the lady who dropped it”, I said with clenched teeth trying to stay calm and ignore the tisk- tisking of the old hag to my rear. Jay then handed the woman back the dime but proceeded to put the penny back in his other pocket. He started singing, “Find a penny pick it up and all day you’ll have good luck.” The woman who dropped the change, who was now getting embarrassed by all the attention, told Jay that he could keep it. But  I could not allow it. Every situation like this is a chance to teach my child. Every situation is a social story and social situations are what Aspies have the most problems with.

“Jay I know when you are outside and you find a penny on the ground, you pick it up, and that is okay because you don’t know who it belongs to. But you know who this penny belongs to. In a way by you keeping that penny you are stealing. Stealing is bad, right?” I asked my son. “Yes mom, stealing is bad,” he said defeated. The woman looked at me and then at Jay and not wanting to disagree with me, reluctantly put her hand out and accepted the penny back.

By now we were the talk of Dunkin Donuts. I could hear people chatting about us. Some agreed and were praising my good mother skills. Others were commenting on how I completely over reacted.

I was not planning on eating our donuts there but after hearing the way everyone was talking, I decided to do just that. I had nothing to be embarrassed about, so I threw my shoulders back, held my head high and found a nice table in the middle of the place and we sat down.

Jay quickly forgot about his bitterness as soon as he tasted the sweetness of his Vanilla Frosted Donut and Gracie only cared about making sure that she did not lose any of the filling from her Boston Kreme. All was right in the world again.

But wait my story is not yet over, there is a special ending that no one, including me could have predicted.

With their bellies now filled we started walking back out to the car. I noticed that someone had parked rather close to my side so I told the kids to both get in on the passenger side. Grace was going to get in first so she could slide all the way over. Just as she was about to climb in she noticed a penny on the ground. Gracie bent down, picked it up and looked around to see if anyone dropped it.

“Mom did you drop this penny?”

“NOPE”, I said seeing where this was going.

“Well then, find a penny Pick it up.”

Then my little girl turned around and with her hands on her hips looked Jay straight in the face and said, “KARMA BABY, that’s KARMA!”

I think Jay got the lesson!

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6 thoughts on “It’s National Donut Day Today!

  1. *howling* I didn’t see that coming.
    Good for you and sticking to your guns. Its a good lesson for all kids to learn. I think the old bat behind you could have kept her mouth shut.
    I want a doughnut, but alas, no Dunkin Doughnuts here!

  2. When we lived in Brazil there were no Dunkin Donuts there too…in fact the donuts there were HORRIBLE. So I understand your pain of not having one. SIGH that is tragic… at least to my kids.The first thing my kids always wanted to do when we got off the plane in Miami to visit my family was go to Dunkin Donuts. LOL When we moved here to VA and were looking at places to live they judged the place based on how close it was to a Dunkin Donuts. Now that is love.

  3. Awesome! It must be hard to deal with a special needs child who doesn’t have an immediately visible issue. A reminder to all of us not to judge parents when we don’t know their situation.

    I’m glad you liked my post and I’d love to be included in your favourites list! Great idea and I’ll definitely check it out 🙂

  4. HAHAHAHAHA! THAT is a riot! Indeed-karma can be a boomerang! I think you handled it perfectly-and I LOVED that you sat there in the middle of the store-good for you. Oh-and happy donut day..:)

  5. I think you handled the situation perfectly! A great way to teach a small but important lesson. Sounds like he definitely learned it! Great story, and the perfect post for the Storytellers Blog Hop! Thanks for joining in with us! Have a great weekend 🙂

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