Damn Stink BUGS

I was sitting at the table enjoying a yummy after lunch treat; a Smart Ones Peanut Butter Cup Sundae (so good by the way and only uses 4 points) when suddenly I hear a rustling noise. I look up and there on the chair next to me was another damn Stink BUG! (I wish I could say I stopped eating my desert but nope… it was just too good to stop. Although I must admit I did not enjoy it as much as I would have liked to knowing that this creepy crawler was watching me.)

No one told me when we moved here that this area had such a huge infestation of these disgusting critters. Not familiar with these guys? Well then please let me introduce you to my lunch pal.

Mr. Gross Stink Bug meet my readers, readers this is Mr. Gross Stink Bug.

Pretty gross huh? I know I know how could I possibly keep eating with this thing sitting across from me. You obviously have not tried this desert.

Besides the fact that no one comes between me and my ice cream, I know that although they are extremely unsightly looking they are relatively just a nuisance type of bug. What I mean is they do not sting and they don’t cause any structural damage to your home.  What they do is leave a horrific noxious order behind if you squish them. That is something we found out after well… squashing one.

Still, I am not keen on having any bug in my house, especially one whose name alone sounds so unwelcoming. STINK BUG… come on, maybe if he had a cute name like Lady Bug or VW Bug I might think differently. Say why do people always  say, “He is Cute as a bug!” Most bugs look like the one I showed you. Are people really saying your baby/kid is ugly? Sorry I digress.

Anyway after inhaling my sundae I was ready to go to combat. Now as I mentioned before battling these fellows is a bit tricky because well… they can skunk you.  So I whipped out old faithful… MY BROOM! This is the same bad boy that I carried around with me from room to room after the mouse sighting several months ago. One can never be too prepared is my motto.

I swatted… he scurried. The closer he got to me the more I squeaked. Finally I got a rhythm going and opened up the front door and swept the little bugger out. I was so happy that I started doing a victory dance. I am talking “Icky Shuffle” type of thing. It was me and my broom getting our groove on. Until I heard laughter.

Oh yes I gave the mailman quite a show it seems.  DAMN STINK BUGS!

8 thoughts on “Damn Stink BUGS

  1. *howling* Just doing your part to help keep the Mail people happy. You should have told him that normally you charge for such a show. Where was his dollar?
    Could you vacuum them up and not have them smell?
    I know what you mean about it not keeping you from your ice cream, some things can just wait.

    1. If you vacuum them up their smell stays in the vacuum and then it makes your whole house smell… ask me how I know this! Yeah did it! Took awhile to get the smell out of the house. Nasty vile bugs.
      I did not think about charging for my dance. Next time because I am sure there will be one. I think I am getting a reputation on our block as that crazy red head lady. (Not that my hair is THAT red any more but the name still sticks.) There is a reason why my husband calls me LUCY!!!

  2. …stink bug verses love bug???? Bugs are all yucky!!! My daughter tells the tale of finding this roach in the Leland House and the other girls all sreaming………….she looked at them and said……this thing is too small to be a roach! My mom said they fly in florida 🙂 Think I will take the stink bugs! (assuming i need to have ANY bugs)

  3. No stink bugs here in Minnesota, as far as I know, thank God. Generally bugs don’t bother me too much, except centipedes. I detest them.

    But mice, oh, how I hate, hate, hate mice. I’ve had too many mouse encounters ie. trapped in a bathroom with one when I was six months pregnant, found one floating in a broth-filled crockpot, opened the silverware drawer to see one staring at me…

    So, did you catch the errant mouse in your house?

  4. Do stink bugs really stink??? When Blue sees a bug in our house…he says, “This house is so dirty! I just saw a rollie pollie, a spider…!” Whatever! This can be the day the maid service came through and cleaned the entire house! Yes…I have maid service once a month. I’d like to have them once a week (of course can’t afford that). I figure, if my husband can pay someone to mow the yard for him, he can pay someone to clean the house for me!

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