Tick Tick Tick

Tick Tick Tick… You would think a place that deals with sensory kids all day would choose to have a quieter clock in their waiting room. “How annoying this must be to everyone”, I think to myself. Oh but wait… there is no one but me sitting in the waiting room for this stupid clock to bother.

Granted this is a very small waiting room, but still I find it strange that I have just watched 4 moms drop off their children for therapy and then leave. They left! There is a reason why they call this place a waiting room people. You are supposed to wait!

Is this the new norm? Maybe I am the strange one. Perhaps they are looking at me and wondering why I am staying. “WOW… her kid must be pretty messed up if she won’t even leave.”, they could be thinking.

At the last place Jay did therapy parents were required to stay. This is how it has always been. And honestly I would look forward to talking to the other special need mothers as we waited for our kids. We got to know one another. We shared stories, advice, heartaches and successes. For an hour and a half I could let my hair down and talk and no one judged me. I guess it was therapy for me too.


I cannot image not staying. What if something happened and they needed me to help calm down my boy. Or more likely what if something WONDERFUL happened and Jay just had to tell me right then and there. He would be devastated if he came out to the waiting room and I was not there. I would be too.

And so I sit here alone and write and listen …

Tick Tick Tick!

I am also being featured today on the SPD Bloggers Network. My article is called: Do Animals Have Aspergers? I posted it here awhile back. If you did not get a chance click on the link above and check it out. And while you are there read some of the other great posts too. Some amazing articles there that deal with all sorts of sensory issues.

7 thoughts on “Tick Tick Tick

  1. In early intervention, I’d stay. Only because I was the VERY overprotective mom with control issues lol Further down the road, I learned that his screaming and crying were necessary to break the barriers and desensitize him to life in general. It was so hard, but i learned to drop him off and go for a walk or something. It helped that I had a younger daughter to keep me occupied while he was in therapy. The clock is torture. tick…tick…tick. That will drive you straight to MADNESS! lol

    1. Besides the clock it was not bad… I brought a journal and started writing. It was kind of nice to have that alone time. The last time I had my younger daughter with me and I helped her with homework. That was a pain!
      There is nothing around the therapy place anyway! LOL And we only go every other week and most weeks it is only 50 minutes. By the time I would leave I would be driving back! This past week was longer because he also had a PT eval… but they asked me to sit in on that one so I couldn’t leave even if I wanted to… which right now, I don’t want to.

  2. 2 words…… babysitting service! Sad but possibly true. You are a great Mum which is why you are sitting in the waiting room watching the clock, and not going off to get a latte and get your nails painted.

  3. OK I will post on the other side. šŸ™‚ When my son was younger and going to OT at a center, most of the time I stayed it was 55 minutes and it gave me a chance to read or relax for a few minutes. And yes there were times when my son lost it and I had to be there to fix it. But as the time past and we had been there a year, I sometimes left. I had 30 minutes to run and get something from the grocery store around the corner, or pick up the chinese food we were having for dinner. Today his OT is in a home setting and there is no longer a waiting room. This woman believes that if my child loses it or overloads, it is her JOB to take care of it. She has the sensory tools to calm or perk him up. It was a new concept for me but I enjoy the time. I do not think this makes me a bad mom or using this for babysitting.

    1. Thanks for sharing. I guess it is a very personal thing. I did not mean to offend any mom who does not stay. I just found it strange because at his last place in Miami you HAD to stay.
      For me it is actually a much needed down time. I am always running running running so having to just sit there for the 50 minutes is kind of nice. Therapeutic almost!
      It is just that damn clock I hate! LOL

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