Mama Gets Her Groove On & Does Damage Control… DAMN I’m GOOD!


If nothing else… our home is entertaining! Never a dull moment over here. Take this morning for instance. Today’s conversation over eggs and Pop Tarts was all about the world ending. It was an interesting talk that ended in the entire family doing our own version of Michael Jackson’s Thriller Zombie Dance!  You know just your average breakfast conversation.

Okay here is a warning: If you are one of those folks who actually does believe that the world is ending tomorrow… well then you might just want to stop reading right now. Besides if today is really your last day on earth I would think you would have something better you would want to do then read my post. Heck I don’t believe the hype but even I have something better to do then read this! Of course I am joking… my writing is award worthy literature!Hey, I can dream can’t I?

In our home we are all about Doing Damage Control before the damage even happens. (And if we can work in a choreographed number while doing it… then I say Hubby and I deserve some type of Parents of the Year Award!) With every major news network  running articles on Date of Rapture or Day of Judgment theories; even the CDC ran a tongue in cheek post about Zombie Preparation; (Now that one was funny and really worth a read as it really is just an Emergency Preparation plan. Make sure to click on the image and check it out… after you finish reading my post!)
If you're ready for a zombie apocalypse, then you're ready for any emergency.

well I knew I better say something to my usually overly anxious kids so they would be prepared should someone at school start talking all doom and destruction with them.  After all we are talking about the same kids who hid garlic in their rooms after watching a cartoon episode of Batman vs the Vampires. It took days to air out their nightstands!

So here is where you have to be crafty. You gotta know how much info to give out to alleviate any fear they may have but not scare them. You also have to make sure that they understand that what we talk about stays at home, or else they become THAT kid- the one who starts talking at school. The one who is the whole reason why I am having this talk to them in the first place because I am afraid of. It’s all very complicated!

So we talked about rumors. We talked about how sometimes people are so confused about what to believe in that they will just believe whatever anyone else says. We talked about how if we TALKED about it at school it would just be feeding into the rumors which we don’t want to do. We talked about what are family believes and why. And then we just got silly.

JAY: Well Mom if the World Ends then that would mean I wouldn’t have to take the SOL tests next week. (NOTE: Those are the Standardized tests he will be taking starting next week.)


ME: I guess I won’t bother nagging at dad to mow the lawn… no sense if the world is ending!


Gracie: Do you think Zombies like clean hair?

I laugh laugh laugh! Jay Laughs laughs laughs. Gracie… not so much! Oh no… my baby is scared. Great. It was now 5 minutes before I had to swoosh them out the door and now I have gone ahead and scared the living you know what out of her. So that was when Mama broke out her dance moves. I will tell you this… it was not a pretty sight, but it did the trick and got her to laugh.

I threatened to do my little Thriller dance the entire way while walking them to school if they both did not join me doing at home.They did, we all laughed. Gracie said she was fine, Jay said he was fine… my back… well that is a different story. (Mama needs more practice getting her groove on!)

I took the kids to school and so far no calls so I am assuming the talk we had about not TALKING set in.

And now I am off to go clean my house. I always clean before having visitors over. I just hope those damn Zombies are polite enough to wipe their feet before walking across my clean hardwood floors!

This post was submitted in response to the Best of the Best, Edition 7: Media and Kids with Special Needs. Please check it out to read viewpoints from other bloggers on this topic.

6 thoughts on “Mama Gets Her Groove On & Does Damage Control… DAMN I’m GOOD!

  1. I guess I never realized that kids would be hearing about this too. Good idea to talk about it before other kids at school do. Yikes!
    Here’s hoping that your floor stay clean during the Zombie invasion. However, I hear they are messy eaters.

  2. I must be in the back and beyond as there is no word of the world ending in Brasilia unless it already has and we just didn’t get the news! I can’t believe you didn’t video this as a training video for the rest of us!

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