Is It Time to Book a Stay at “MOMMY JAIL”?

Are Mommy Time Outs just not cutting it anymore? When you look at your children do you finally understand why some animals eat their young? Has the thought of actually boxing up your kiddos and leaving them on someone’s door step occurred to you more than once? Then perhaps it is time that you book a stay at MOMMY JAIL! Don’t wait to pass go! Don’t try to collect $100! Just call now and one of our officers will speed right over with flashy lights and  whisk you away to your very own Freedom Cell!

Imagine your very own space where you can actually finish a cup a coffee, a phone conversation, a THOUGHT without being interrupted.  You will receive 3 meals a day which you won’t have to even cook or better yet… CLEAN UP! And for an extra small fee, we will even fill your Freedom Cell with all the old magazine articles that you always wanted to read but never had a chance to.

Just listen to what one of our happy customers had to say about Mommy Jail.

I was buttering a piece a toast for my daughter when my son came down and started yelling at me, “You’re not doing your job mom. You left cleaning supplies on my counter and I have no fresh towels!” I snapped! I knew that if I did not put the knife down and call Mommy Jail right then something bad would happen! Mommy Jail is great. Sure I am locked up but that means that my husband and kids are locked out! ~ Mama- from Mama’s Turn Now

And now at participating Mommy Jails you will find special all day Martini recreation rooms, where our guards dress up as cabana boys to serve you. And remember, what happens at Mommy Jail, stays at Mommy Jail.

So don’t delay… call today. Our 911 Operators are standing by to help!

Mommy Jail… when the going gets  tough and Mommy’s had enough!

7 thoughts on “Is It Time to Book a Stay at “MOMMY JAIL”?

  1. Can I put in a special order, ahead of time, for one of those “Cabana Boys” (or “Cabana Man”)? Do I have to stop at just one (kidding/maybe). Also, can I get an extra days stay? I might need an extra “time out” for my “bad” behavior.

    Last night Jamie asked me for her favorite night shirt. I told her it was in the dirty clothes bin for which she wondered why on earth it was there. I had to explain (which I shouldn’t have) that she had left it on the floor, next to the toilet (we all know what can happen on the floor by the toilet/fortunately my men are pretty good with aim) so I assumed (shame on me) that it was dirty and yes I (let me repeat- I) picked it up. MOM?!?!?!? So….give me a time out! Cabana Man!!

  2. Maybe if we book together we can get a group rate! I wanted to kill Jay this morning. Especially since the reason why the cleaning supplies were left there was because I had to stop what I was doing yesterday to take HIM to the doctor because he said he had chest pains which just so happened to disappear as soon as the doctor came in. Also I told him last night that his hand towel he was looking for was clean and in the laundry basket and if he wanted it he could walk downstairs and get it himself! To make matters worse my husband cracked up over all this. Believe me… I was having some not very pretty thoughts about what I could do with that butter knife. Lets just say we would not have any more aiming problems! LOL

  3. Well you are in the right area for such actions with the butter knife….Manassas is very close! However, the issue with mommy jail, is when you get out…all that work you missed is still there, laundry would not get done dishes cleaned, gasp….bathrooms cleaned!

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