“THAT” Mom!

I have a new friend. He is about 4 and a half feet tall, and has dark hair just like my son. In fact he is the same age as my son. In fact he is my son’s good friend. Okay get your mind out of the gutter… it’s not some sick Mrs. Robinson type thing. It is just our neighbor who just so happens to think I am a neat. I know this because he said it to me yesterday after I gave him cookies, “You’re neat for a mom!”
You see some how I have become “THAT” mom. You know the cool mom who always has chocolate chip cookie batter in her freezer so she can just pop a few cookies in the oven for everyone to eat. THAT mom who will sit outside and watch all the kids play Nerf gun battle and will splurge for snow cones when the ice cream truck comes around. THAT  mom who will allow kids to tramp back and forth, in and out of my house and most of the time does not even yell when they leave the door open.

Our house is the one that all the neighborhood kids play outside of. It is our Nerf Guns, and Light Sabers and sidewalk chalk they use. I bring them water or juice boxes on hot days and make them come in for hot chocolate on cold.

Even when the kids aren’t home, their friends will come over. This is what happened yesterday. My kids were at Taekwando lessons when the door bell rang.

Me: Hey there Sammy what’s up.
(That  is not his real name but since I don’t even refer to my own kids by their real names, figured I  better I give my new friend a fake name too.)

Sammy: It’s my birthday today!

Me: Wow… I didn’t know that. Happy Birthday Sammy! Jay didn’t tell me it was your birthday. Speaking of Jay, he is not home. He is at Taekwando.

Sammy: I know. I thought I would just come by and tell you it was my birthday.

And then he sat outside my door talking to me about DSi games and I am not really sure what else for about 10 minutes. My heart ached for the kid. He must have been pretty lonely to want to hang out with an old broad like me… even if I am cool.

He eventually left after I swore that I would have Jay and Gracie come get him to play outside as soon as they got home.

Then my guilt got to me. I felt bad for kicking the kid out, so I whipped up a batch of cookies. When the kids got home we put a candle in the middle of the cookies,  gathered up the other neighborhood kids and sang Happy Birthday to Sammy. He was so happy. All the kids were. They were eating cookies before dinner time!

Some of the  other moms, who are my friends, were looking at me like, WOW… you really are THAT mom! They were teasing me a bit. But what they did not understand, what they don’t know is that I need to be THAT mom.

As long as I am THAT mom the kids will still want to come over and play. That means they will play with Jay. So yes, I  go the extra mile and do make sure that I have cookie batter and juice boxes. We try to have the latest cool gadgets and games. I am always trying to come up with cool new birthday party ideas and things to do. And it works. Just ask Sammy who every day rushes out of the school and talks to me while we wait for Jay to come out. Then he will wait there, even if I am talking to the teacher, he will patiently wait there just so he can walk home with us.

I love to watch Jay and Sammy playing “Tag Your It” as we walk home and share private jokes about things that happened throughout their day.

When I come into school the kids rush up to say hello. I know them by name. If there was a problem I can talk to them about it. And because of this… they are a little more tolerant and patient with my boy.

So yes… I am THAT mom, and you know what… it is okay. Besides a 10 year old who is not related to me thinks I am cool!

8 thoughts on ““THAT” Mom!

  1. Oh, that was so sweet with the cookie and the candle. I think you would be that mom even if you didn’t have a special needs child. I’m getting the feeling from reading your blog, you are just “that mom” in general. Good for you!

  2. Bernie… How very very sweet of you! I guess being That mom is not that bad! There could be worse things. I could be “That Mom Who drives her kids into the river!” Although there are times that idea does appeal to me… I am defiantly not THAT MOM! 🙂

  3. New to your blog but this made me tear up a lil….because its true. If Racer had any interest in kids his age I’d be THAT mom too. For now I’m just THAT mom for him and the kids.

    1. There are days when Jay would rather be by himself! Sometimes I end up playing with the kids by myself until he is ready to come back. And that is okay. The more I play, the more I talk. I explain things to them, why he acts the way he does. It works too. I went with them on a field trip. Twice while I was talking to other parents I saw two different kids from his class go over to Jay and ask how he was doing!
      Point I am trying to make Lisa is just keep being THAT mom. Eventually Racer will be ready to connect and when he does he will have a whole group of patient understanding pals to hang out with!

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