Wrap-UP Sunday

Every week I read tons and tons of blog posts. They cover all sorts of different topics. There are always a few that stand out to me. I thought it might be fun to do a little collection of my top 5 favorites for the week. I  figured if I enjoyed reading them… and you enjoy reading me, well you get the picture. So starting today, every Sunday will be Wrap up Sunday!

Editors Note: No one is paying me to include them… nope they are just posts that I read throughout the week that either caused me to laugh, say “AH HA” or in some cases to cry! The red links are for the blogs, pink links will take you to the actual article I am referring to.  Enjoy.

I stumbled by accident onto a Blog that I really liked this week. The Blog is Motherhood (Oh, And Everything In Between) The post that cracked me up was one titled: I’m NOT Crazy The post is written as a letter to the Man who parks behind her at her kid’s school. Very very cute and worth a read.

Dear sweet Jess over at Diary of a Mom wrote a post that speaks volumes. If you are a mom, have a mom, or even just know a mom read it. Even if you don’t have an autistic child, it will speak volumes to you because every mom gets TIRED at some point. It is called: tired, 2011 redux

Another site worthy of a click as it will produce a good chuckle is: One Mixed Bag The post I am referring to is called: Where’s My Bra? Yup it is about how she lost her bra… you gotta read it for more info.

Confessions Mom is mother to two teenage boys, both who have Aspergers.  She wrote a post that I must admit was hard to read, I can only image how hard it must have been to write. It was hard because One: I hate to see her and her children struggle; and Two: By the grace of God Go I… that could be me! I love how honest she is and I am so thankful that she is brave enough to share her stories. Get a tissue and head over to Confessions of An Asperger’s Mom and read Desperate Times Show her some love and support and leave her a comment!

I also got some practical  advice by reading an article that was posted on the SPD Bloggers  Network by Hartley Steiner who blogs over at Hartley’s Boys. The article was called : Hiring a Special Needs Babysitter.

And that folks is a WRAP for this week!!!

4 thoughts on “Wrap-UP Sunday

  1. Thank you for pimping my post. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I will have to poke around at the other blogs you suggested. What a great idea for a Sunday post.

  2. O.K. I haven’t cried all week -even though I’ve felt like it. I internalized my pain and my body let out my emotions via extreme fatigue. But now -tears. Thank you for sharing this. Autism Community Hugs to YOU!

  3. What a nice treat finding your blog over at VB! I have three children all with some learning and sensory issues. Our daughter has the most singnificant issues having a brain disorder that effects all aspects of her development. I loved your post about your son and the snow! I look foward to reading more from you and am now a happy new follower!

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