SNAPShot Saturday- A Taste of Winter

Before this past year my children had never ever seen snow. When Jay’s teacher found this out she shared it with the class. As a class they decided that if the first snow flurry fell during school, they would stop what they were doing and go outside to experience Jay seeing snow for the first time. They did it too!

I guess this picture reminds me more of sensory issues then Autism (although the two usually do go hand in hand). Jay had to use all his senses to experience the snow. In this shot he is tasting it! It was as if he needed this info in order to process it all. This picture gives me a little glimpse into how my boy works. It is also is just plain cute!

I cannot begin to tell you how special this day was for Jay… and I believe his classmates too. It was a bonding moment for them all. I am very grateful to his teacher for taking time out of the structured day to allow for this to happen. He will always remember this. So will I!!!

If you a picture you would like to share on SNAPshot Saturday… just contact me and let me know!

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