Boobies, Bras, and Boys

The letter “B” has been banned from my house. My husband has declared several words that start with that letter to now be included on the “Bad Word List”. No one is allowed to say Boobies, Bra, or gasp… BOYS around him. Especially if the person doing the talking just so happens to be his baby girl!

Part of me wants to laugh and another part of me wants to join in with the putting fingers in our ears and “La, la, la” loudly so we can’t hear her talk about how cute Justin Bieber is and how she just has to get his DVD when it comes out on Friday. She is 7 years old. Granted she will turn 8 this summer but still… isn’t that way to young to be Bieber crazy? Evidently not!

I do feel bad for hubby because it seems like over night Gracie has gone from baby to Preadolescence! The poor guy has had to deal with a lot of changes in one week.

It started last week when our little darling asked me to use the phone so she good call… a boy! It was all very innocent but I have to admit I caught my breath when she pulled out this kid’s number from her agenda. Side Note: I did not let her call him.

The very next day while on an outing, hubby noticed her staring at a boy on a bike. He of course teased her that she was not allowed to look at boys. That of course has led to her pointing out every boy within a 10 mile radius from her just to get a rise out of her dad. Funny to us, but I can only image the tisk tisking we must get from other mothers who hear her doing this.

And here is the kicker, the thing that I was positive was going to give my husband a heart attack. This past weekend we went clothes shopping for the kids. Both of them had completely grown out of their summer clothes. While trying on some sleeveless tops I mentioned to Grace that she would need to wear a cami or a tank top under several of them as the opening on the side was too big and I could see her… Boobies. Instead of embarrassing her, like I was sure it was going to do, she got very excited.

“Does that mean we get to go bra shopping” she said so loudly that everyone in the fitting room and her father waiting outside could hear. Hubby literally spit Pepsi out of his mouth!

She then went on to recite everything we have been reading in her American Girl book, ” The Care & Keeping of YOU: The Body Book for Girls” about how she is at stage two: developing Breast Buds. Giggles burst out from the fitting room next to us, but Gracie was on a roll and not ready to stop. I think it was somewhere around how the color of her nipples would soon be changing that Hubby just could not take anymore and yelled for her to be quiet!

I know some of you out there may be surprised that I have already started reading a puberty book like this with my daughter. But she was asking questions and well, I have always tried and will continue to try to be honest and open with her… and with Jay too. In the 4th grade Jay had a week of Health education classes (aka SEX ED) and to prepare him I had bought him a book which we went over together. Grace asked for a girl book. I LOVE the American Girl book we bought. It is honest and factual but in a not scary way. And let me tell you… she was ready for it. You would be surprised what 2nd graders are already talking about. Better to learn the real facts from me then god knows what from others.

Anyway much to my husband’s chagrin, Grace and I left the fitting room and went back over to the girls section to shop for bras. We settled for two cute little cotton cropped tanks which really do not look like bras but were labeled as such so Gracie was beyond thrilled.

Today Grace wore one of her new shirts to school. She wore her “BRA” under it. You should have seen her strut down the stairs. She was floating. I let her too. Because we all know 20 years from now when wearing bras every day is a must.. well let her enjoy the novelty of it as long as she can.

Besides I enjoyed watching my husband’s face get all wrinkled up and the veins in his forehead pop out when she showed him the straps.

7 thoughts on “Boobies, Bras, and Boys

  1. Ahhhhh the boobie discussion! Poor dads just wait till she discovers victoria sercet teen section…… lol ! My daughter also had that book, it is awesome and she too was very ready for puberty and not paniced in anyway about the changes. She was able to let her friends know the “facts” when they were worried. What a good mom 🙂 Now if ALL our problems could be that simple!

    1. Thanks so much for reading and leaving a comment Luciana! We miss Brazil so much too! Especially all the dear sweet people we left behind… like you! Beijos!

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! My little girl will be eight this summer as well..and we have the same book! I love her joy and honesty in the changes her body is soon going to undergo. THAT is wonderful. As for her dad? heehee…my husband has already told both of our girls that they aren’t allowed to dat till they’re thirty. 🙂

  3. *howling* Your poor husband. I bet he must have just wanted to die when she went into details.
    I think its great you are reading her a book like that. When I was 13 my mom had no had “the talk” with me yet. I found age appropriate books on the subject. Mom found them and banned me from going to the library for a while. Better you tell her than someone else.

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