Jay came out of Therapy yesterday quoting the box of a game he played with his new OT. “Take your pick… pull a stick. If the marbles fall…you loose it all. You’re only sunk if they go…Ker-PLUNK!” I laughed because it instantly brought me back to my childhood. Of course I stopped laughing after about the upteenth time he sang that annoying little jingle.

I was happy he had a good first session. He talked on and on about the tire and the other swing that looked like a giant Hersey Kiss. He said it was “surprisingly good”. Of course they mostly just played this time… a chance for them both to size each other up.

He was all smiles when we left… that is why I was so surprised when the rest of the day went Ker-PLUNK!

In retrospect I guess I really shouldn’t have been that surprised. Jay just had a few too many sticks taken from him and eventually… his marbles fell.

After therapy we had to rush to Girl Scouts for Grace. Usually on days when Jay is forced to go with us, he sits in the room across from where we meet and does his homework or quietly reads. But for some reason the center would not allow us the extra room today. That meant that Jay was forced to sit in the back of our meeting room. A room filled with 18 little girls. Today was our ceremony too so the girls were extra excited and LOUD.

To make matters worse, he was having problems with his homework. They are now studying the Metric System. Jay just could not understand why, when he had already learned a perfectly good system to measure with, he had to learn a new one. Frustration led to tears, tears led to embarrassment, embarrassment lead to a full blown tantrum. Ker-PLUNK!

I calmed him down and the Brownie meeting continued on with no more hiccups.

But like clock work, no sooner had he slammed (and boy did he slam) my car door shut the water works started again. “I can’t do this. I won’t do this, and you can’t make me.” You cannot reason with Jay when he gets like this. I told him to go upstairs and take a shower to calm down. But Jay was not done yelling. After accusing me of not loving him, not caring and everything else wrong in the universe he said, “I am giving you the silent treatment starting now!” For which I responded, perhaps a bit too happily, “GOOD! Thank you!” That confused him a bit. He wanted me to be upset… I did not allow him to upset me. That made him mad,which led to frustration, which led to tears which led to a full blown tantrum. Ker-PLUNK!

In the game version your sunk if you go Ker-PLUNK! But in real life… well we know that you can loose your marbles but as long as you pick them up and put them back where they belong… all is good.

Jay did pick up his marbles and eventually calmed down. We got through his homework and dinner without any more tears. Hubby came home and we all played a different game together. Jay lost… but he held his marbles in!

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  1. Oh how many times have I said (very gleefully) “GOOD thankyou!!!!!” When one of mine screams that they are never talking to me again! 🙂 Kerplunk was a great analogy!

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