Snapshot Saturday- Heart Strings

It’s Snapshot Saturday
Today’s picture was taking a few years back at a wonderful resort in Natal,Brazil. It was one of those places where they have kid activities by the pool all day long. For every activity they would award the winner a plastic medal. Jay wanted one of those metals so bad. He tried every activity, but like many kids on the spectrum, he is just not as coordinated as other kids. When they announced that they were having a car competition Jay was so excited, until he saw that they would not be letting a car go down a track, instead the cars were attached to a kite string and the kids had to wind up the string to make it move. The other kids, some much younger caught on right away and their cars quickly crossed the finish line. Even though they had a winner, Jay continued to keep going. He was determined to make his car cross the line. He was on the verge of tears, but he would not give up. Several parents who had been watching their own kids saw what was going on and began to root him on. A crowd formed, all of them rooting for him. I could see Jay cringe at the noise but he kept on winding. My heart ached for my son. I wanted to go to him to help him, but I knew he had to do it on his own. When Jay pulled his car string, he pulled my heart-strings as well. Eventually the car crossed the finish line, the crowd cheered and I tried to hide my tears behind my big sunglasses. The activity directors gave Jay a medal, a medal for pure determination, for not giving up! I am not sure who was more proud, him or me!

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