Why I Wore High Heels to Clean My toliet!

I came downstairs this morning wearing sweatpants and a big shirt to which my husband sarcastically said, “Look how glamorous Mommy looks today kids!” I quickly joked back, “Well I didn’t know which heels to wear while cleaning the toilet, and the dress I wore to the Royal Wedding was at the cleaners so I went with this!” The kids laughed, I laughed, hubby laughed… just a another typical morning in my home.

After packing lunch boxes, wiping pancake syrup off of faces and making sure that the kids had the special Pencil Bouquet of Flowers that I made for their teachers to show our appreciation, the kids were off to school, hubby left for the gym and I went about my business of stripping beds and washing sheets. I was just about to start lugging cleaning supplies upstairs to the bathroom when my i Phone pinged. I am addicted to the stupid thing so I had to take a look. It was telling me that one of my favorite autism bloggy mommies Spectrummy Mummy had posted a new post. (Click on her name and you will be taken to the post I am now going to refer to.)

Her post today was all about how she is a mommy and doesn’t have time to be glamorous. I laughed because well… the whole cleaning toilet in heels thing that happened earlier with hubby. I read on shaking my head in agreement to everything she wrote, understanding her in a way that only another mother could possibly understand.

I started thinking, remembering when I used to dress up for work and how nice it felt to actually wear makeup and feel like a woman sometimes instead of just a mom. I have been dressing rather shlumpy lately. Last night I wore jeans and a sweatshirt to the kid’s school function. Of course the function was at McDonald’s so the outfit was perfectly acceptable attire but that is not the point. When was the last time I actually did wear heels and not sneakers?

Then I got a crazy idea. What if I actually did clean my toilet in heels today? How would that make me feel? Nothing like a good science experiment to get my blood running. Actually I think it was more the excitement of getting to wear pretty shoes!

I pulled out a pair of shoes that I have not worn in 4 years. The last time I put these babies on was to wear them to the Marine Ball in Brazil! I sat admiring them for a few minutes, and then as if I was Cinderella trying on the glass slipper, I slipped them on my feet and walked around my room in them.

It is amazing how just putting on heels changes your posture. I felt so regal, until I looked at myself in the mirror. I can’t believe I am sharing this photo but it is too funny not to, especially since I took it myself using my phone!

After the pain in my side from laughing so hard went away, I grabbed my cleaning supplies and headed for the bathroom where I then proceeded to clean a toilet wearing heels.

Wow… two potty post in the same week, I think it must be some kind of record.

So, did wearing my heels to clean my potty make me feel any sexier, any more glamorous, more like a woman. HELL NO, but it certainly made the time go by quicker. And it really made me laugh.

But I have a confession… I couldn’t wait to kick off the shoes and put my Sock Monkey Slippers back on! Don’t worry I will take them off before the PTA meeting tonight.

18 thoughts on “Why I Wore High Heels to Clean My toliet!

  1. YOU did it 🙂 Made the task go quicker and I disagree Aunt Carol, not silly, freeing, reminding us all that when we have special need kids, we still need to do little things just for us 🙂 You rock!

    1. I saw your site… I guarantee you will look a lot better than I did in your heels… even if you are totting poopy diapers! LOL Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you come back. I can use a little real fashion and Glam! 🙂

  2. LOL! This totally cracked me up. Bravo for posting pics too. That’s so awesome. I’ve started to put on makeup everyday and at least wear real pants, like jeans. Whenever I run errands, it’s jewelry, a blouse and at least my ballet flats. Never felt better!

    1. First off thanks for picking this post as your link of the week! Yeah me! 🙂 Second, I really should do a follow up to this post. Yesterday after cleaning I decided to shower and dress nice to pick the kids up from school. ( I usually shower that is the surprising part… and most days I have a little makeup on but I got dolled up. Makeup Jewelry cute shoes the works.) I must look like total dog sh*t every other day because I got so many compliments. It was rather funny actually. And yes it does make you feel great! I know beauty comes from within but a little lip gloss and blush goes a long way… hey that could be the name of another blog! LOL Thanks again. I would love to guest blog on your blog sometime! I wrote a comment about that on your blog.

  3. I do love the heels; but yes I am with you it is slippers all the way in the house. I did start on New Years this year to try to look my best everyday. So far I am getting the make-up on; going for flats instead of sneaker’s etc…

    1. Good for you Doreen. If I am walking the kids to school I don’t dress the way I did yesterday, but hubby dear was walking them so I just put on clothes I didn’t care if they got bleach on them. I did shower and dress nice to pick them up… so that is something. Thanks for reading. Hope you come back.

  4. Too Funny!! I do not wear heels…I put them on and all of a sudden I look like a 10 month old trying to walk…I use the excuse that I don’t want to be taller than my hubby… People fall for it… I will however spend forever doing my hair and makeup….even if it’s just while I’m in my robe. I totally get the needing to feel like a woman, not just a mom…

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