When Did I Become Such A Negative Nelly OR A Book Review For Big Daddy’s Book… You Decide!

Last night I laid in bed and watched the President tell the world how “Justice has been done!” I watched as hundreds of people gathered in front of the White House. It was a scene of pure joy, a celebration of patriotism. As I watched them waiving their flags and raising their voices in an impromptu sing-a-long of “America the Beautiful”, I could not help but feel an ominous sense of doom. The same sense of dread and worry that I feel whenever Jay has to many good days in a row. That feeling that something bad is right around the corner. I shared this feeling with my husband who basically said, “Of course their will be fallout but no sense being a Negative Nelly!”

My hubby is right. I am a Negative Nelly lately. I’m not sure when it happened but it did. Whatever happened to this whole Happiness Project I set out on 2 months ago? What happened to me making time to see the mountains outside my office window? What happened to me deciding to look at the world as if it is a glass half full instead of half empty? Where did that Sharon go?

I read a really good book the other day. I know I say that about a lot of books but this one was funny and light and a very quick read. It was written by the gentleman who writes one of the Blogs I read often. It’s called, “Big Daddy’s Tales From the Lighter Side of Raising a Kid With Autism” by F. Lewis Stark (AKA Big Daddy Autism). You can Click on his image below and visit his blog and even order his book. I highly recommend both.

Big Daddy Autism

I bring up this book now because not only did it give me a much-needed laugh, it also offered some practical advice that could apply to everyone. I Know Big Daddy would kill me for giving away too much of his book, I mean the guy is shamelessly hawking his book… he has even made pretend cartoons of himself dreaming of being interviewed by Holly Robinson Peete when everyone knows the only thing Big Daddy really dreams about is eating pizza and Twinkies (that was taken directly from Big Daddy… just a little sample of his humor) but I do want to share something that stuck with me, especially with my whole Negative Nelly realization. Thrown in somewhere between all the entertaining stories of his son Griffin, Big Daddy offers a list, A List of things he has learned on his journey. It is Number 6 that this Negative Nelly is thinking about. “Embrace optimism. Optimism and pessimism are contagious. I would rather spread hopefulness and brightness to my kids any day of the week.”

Could my pessimism about something bad looming around the corner be what causes something bad to actually happen? Kind of a scary thought. I don’t have control over how Jay acts, or anyone else for that matter. But I do have control over how I choose to react. So this Negative Nelly is choosing to go back to her Happiness Project. Today at 4pm I will stop whatever I am doing and just sit and look out my window at the mountains. I will appreciate being able to do that too. And while I am being grateful, I will remember all the other blessings in my life. Instead of concentrating on how things could be better… I will accept things for what they are now. Basically I will embrace optimism! Thanks Big Daddy!

8 thoughts on “When Did I Become Such A Negative Nelly OR A Book Review For Big Daddy’s Book… You Decide!

  1. We all suffer from having a bit of “Negative Nelly” inside of us.
    1) When we associate with others who are negative all the time it feeds “Nelly” and she becomes stronger. The stronger she gets, the harder it is to bring back the positive. It like having a rotten apple in a basket of good apples – if you don’t get it out soon enough, all the good apples will rot. They feed off of each other. You can’t make a rotten apple good (you can cut off the bad parts but then you are left with a bunch of holes).
    2) Negative people don’t want to see others positive so they strive to bring you down. They will point out the negative side of everything so that you see it too. “Poof” all the good is gone. I can be having a really good day, come into work & if my boss is having a negative day (down on everything) it just changes my whole day. [I’m not going to watch the news for a few days, I want my own opinion]
    3) It’s takes more muscles to smile – Frowning is so much easier.
    4) If you always expect to be let down or expect the worse, you won’t be disappointed.
    5) I’m sure I could continue.
    6) Hakuna Matata
    7) Just keep swimming
    8) Smile – Be Happy

    Let’s flip a coin today / one side is optimism, the other pessimism (let’s go 2 out of 3; if you don’t like the odds, let’s go 3 out of 5).

    1. Since I am no longer being a negative Nelly I wont need the 3 out 5 cuz the first two flips would positive! LOL You always make me smile Valerie

  2. OK time for 4pm tea 🙂 I was doing that for awhile as well, then I let life get crazy!!! I will be asking you on a regular bases…..what tea did you have today????

  3. Wow. I am glad you took something positive away from my book. That really makes my day.
    I am certainly not always an optimist and sometimes I become a Negative Nellie. Raising an autistic kid is not all gumdrops, rainbows, and unicorns. But I try to always find the humor and the bright side whenever I can.
    I am so pleased I helped in that regard today.

  4. I think we all fall into that trap sometimes and don’t even realize it. I am going to try the “It’s all good approach” to life for a while, see if it makes a difference.

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