“gochisohsama deshita” or Compliments to the Chef!

I had a lunch date with a male who was not my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed myself! We talked and ate for almost 2 hours… and he was nice enough to not even bring his DS to the table. In case you still can’t figure it out, Jay and I went to lunch together … just him and I!

Gracie’s social calendar was full yesterday. She had a pedicure party in the morning and then a play date with a different friend in the afternoon. Grace is the exact opposite of Jay, she is my social butterfly. She can flit around from group to group and fit right in. I think this is a great trait and by all means want to encourage her to be social, however, it often makes me sad to see her so popular and Jay not as much. Don’t get me wrong, Jay does have friends. Honestly whether or not he has a play date does not bother him. He is perfectly happy to just sit home on a Saturday afternoon by himself reading a book or playing a video game. It bothers me way more than it bothers him. Maybe that is why I felt the need to do something special with him. Oh who am I kidding… he is a neat kid and I just like spending time with him.

I told Jay to get dressed because after we dropped off Grace we were going to have lunch together just him and I. You should have seen his face. He was so excited. He practically came dancing down the stairs in his favorite pair of sweatpants (yes sweatpants… so much for the fall of captain sweatpants )

I had expected Jay to say he wanted to go to McDonald’s or some other very familiar place. But my boy surprised the heck out of me when he announced that he wanted to try the new Japanese Hibachi restaurant. “Mom they cook at your table… how cool is that?” I didn’t argue with him because it is cool. Besides as soon as he said it my mouth started watering just imagining shrimp and fried rice.

Hibachi restaurants and Autistic/sensory kids… you would think not a good combo. To begin with, you sit at a table with a bunch of strangers who loudly clap and cheer as a man with a funny looking hat throws around sharp knives and cooks food on a large and very hot grill in front of you. There is FIRE and SMOKE, lots and lots of it. The food is cooked TOGETHER and you watch it being seasoned with… GASP, SEASONING! Even with all this noise and sensory overloading ambiance… Jay was okay. No he was more than okay, he was beyond happy. In fact the little old couple sitting across from us I think enjoyed watching Jay flapping and twitching in excitement more than they did watching the chef.

Speaking of the Chef… I have to say this man was great. He was so kind and patient and answered every question, I do mean EVERY QUESTION, he asked. Thankfully the place was not busy so we got a lot of attention. For 10 minutes he sat there flipping steak into the air until finally Jay caught one in his mouth! I never thought that a seal circus trick would make me so proud but it did. Jay tried new foods, he didn’t complain when his food on his plate touched and he spoke with an indoor voice. I know my husband will hate me saying this, but I do believe it was by far the best date I have had in a very long time!

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  1. reminds me of dinners at samuri near the falls,still there. and watching the girls with my dad and dawn on the cruise when they took them to dinner at a resturant like this. laughing and smiling.

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