Paws 4 Thor

I was asked to help a fellow Autism Parent. I am fortunate to have Jay who is highly verbal and does not run away.  This mother is not so lucky. I can only image the anxiety that she must feel every day. Anyway she is trying to raise money to purchase a special Autism Service Dog for her son.  I ask that you please take a second to read Thor’s story and to view the video she made. Even if you are not in the position to help her financially, you can help by forwarding this video to people you know. List it on your Facebook page or Tweet your friends. Help Thor get his dog! Thanks! ~Sharon from Mama’s Turn Now PAWS 4 THOR […]

Black Cloud Over My Head!

It seems every time Hubby Travels more than 50 nautical miles away from the house, all hell breaks loose.  You’ve read my past posts.  In the past three months while he has been away, we’ve had a mouse in the house, the dryer breaking, the transformer for the kitchen lights blew twice, I hurt my hand and ended up in a sling, I got a speeding ticket and the kids always seem to get  sick. The poor guy is afraid to call home. He says he leaves and a giant black cloud comes out. Hubby left on Friday and like clock work Saturday Grace got sick.  It went straight to her little asthmatic chest too. Thankfully breathing treatments are a piece of cake with her. […]

Wrap Up Sunday

So this weeks wrap up starts off with a post that everyone mom should read and can relate too!  1.) Motherhood Ate My Brain from the blog The Dishwasher’s Possessed. The post is all about how she handled a stressful mom moment by singing opera and insisting that if her kids were going to complain that they had to sing too. Brilliant move mom! 2.) William Kendall blogs over at Speak of the Devil and he did a great post called: No, They Can’t Keep Their Zippers UP that is all about “Arnold the former Governator” and well… his little situation. Includes a collection of very funny political cartoons including this one:           3.) With Father’s Day just a few weeks […]

SnapShot Saturday

This week’s SnapShot Saturday is from Daniela (autiemom07) who blogs over at Autism-Natural Mom. Daniela is the mom of two beautiful amazing kids, one of them affected by autism, and in her blog she  shares everything from natural living to surviving and making the best of autism. This picture shows Tristan stimming with some straws. ~ Daniela Do you have a picture that you would like to share on SnapShot Saturday? Leave me a comment letting me know or send me a message via Twitter.    

How do you feel about Weighted Blankets???

Okay special needs community…I need your opinions and advice. Do you use a weighted blanket with your child? Does it really help? I had an “Ah HA” moment last night while watching Jay go through his nightly routine of piling on 4 blankets, a billion pillows,  truck loads of stuffed animals, and just about everything else but the kitchen sink. My son craves the weight. Just to confirm this I asked him. ME: “Jay why do you put all that stuff on top of you?” Jay: “It feels good. I like the feeling of being way under it.” Me: “You mean you like the weight of it.?” Jay: “Yeah that’s it mom, exactly! Wow you really do know me.” And he smiled and went deep […]

Tick Tick Tick

Tick Tick Tick… You would think a place that deals with sensory kids all day would choose to have a quieter clock in their waiting room. “How annoying this must be to everyone”, I think to myself. Oh but wait… there is no one but me sitting in the waiting room for this stupid clock to bother. Granted this is a very small waiting room, but still I find it strange that I have just watched 4 moms drop off their children for therapy and then leave. They left! There is a reason why they call this place a waiting room people. You are supposed to wait! Is this the new norm? Maybe I am the strange one. Perhaps they are looking at me and […]

Goddammit I am MAD! No Beyond MAD!

I know I know being angry is a useless emotion. I have heard it all… If a small thing has the power to make you angry, does that not indicate something about your size?  ~Sydney J. Harris If you kick a stone in anger, you’ll hurt your own foot.  ~Korean Proverb He who angers you conquers you.  ~Elizabeth Kenny For every minute you are angry, you lose sixty seconds of happiness.  ~Author Unknown Anger is one letter short of danger.  ~Author Unknown I also know this one: In certain trying circumstances, urgent circumstances, desperate circumstances, profanity furnishes a relief denied even to prayer.  ~Mark Twain And so with good ole Twain in mind I will repeat … GODDAMMIT I AM MAD! Why must things be […]

Apollo was my cashier at the Grocery Store!

Hubby loves to go grocery shopping! I know can you believe it? I on the other hand despise it. I can think of twenty million things I would rather do than grocery shop. Where hubby takes his time lingering down the aisles and eating all the free samples they pass out (Perhaps that has something to do with him liking it so much), I race through grabbing stuff off the shelf in such a hurried frenzy you would think I was trying to catch a bus. I can’t send the man alone to do shopping. If I did that he would come home with everything but what I wrote on his list, and then I would need to go back myself anyway. So… this means […]

Arthur from PBS Asperger Episode!

Okay perhaps I am way behind the times and you all are already aware of this. It is quite possible, after all my kids are more into Cartoon Network then PBS these days. We were also out of the country for some time and well this did not translate into Portuguese I guess. Anyway, a friend posted this on her Face Book page and I clicked it. I was very impressed with what I saw and felt the need to post. Below is a clip of the episode. (The entire episode can be viewed online at the PBS website. The episode is called


Wow… there were a lot of posts this week that got me rolling on the floor… they made me laugh too! (Sorry I could not resist.) So here are my 5  top picks for the week. Do yourself a favor and check them out… you will enjoy them. 1.) Kathleen from Autism Herd-The ramblings of an overwhelmed mother of  four very active kids..oh, and a couple of them have autism; wrote the funniest post titled: Haunted by humus and other tales of woe. Here is a sample of her blog (FYI: She is referring to her dog in this part not her child!LOL),” THE sheer amount of poop(that he so lovingly left on the floor) was awe-inspiring.  We are talking record books. If people in […]