SnapShot Saturday

It’s SnapShot Saturday where I post a picture that represents Autism. Today’s shot is of Jay when he was about 7 months old. This was when he was just Jay, before any diagnosis of sensory issues, or Aspergers or any other label. This was one of my favorite shots… can you blame me, look at those meaty thighs. It still is a favorite, but now when I look at it I see it through different eyes, autism eyes. I see all the things I did not see then. I see how he hated having clothes on and preferred to be just like this. I see how he never crawled… he slithered using his toes… as if he was toe walking but on the ground. I see how he used to always try to be upside down. I see the look of frustration on his face as if he just doesn’t understand what it is going on, what is expected of him or how he should act. I still see Jay when I look at this picture… but now I see so much more.

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