The Secret Benefits of Sangria

Hello My name is Sharon and I am a HGTV, Food Network addict. Okay there, I admit it. I admit that I looked forward to watching the Vanilla Ice Project every week when it was on. Ice Ice Baby me and all! Cupcake Wars to me is pure genius. Tasty treat verses tasty treat… how can you possibly go wrong? And although you don’t find her on either of the for mentioned stations, yes I admit to still hold Martha Stewart as an icon even if she is an ex-con. I’m not gonna lie that whole insider trader thing kind of made me like her even more for having a dangerous side.

But being a Martha Stewart wannabe is not easy. Especially if you are not made to clean and cook as my husband kindly reminds me so often. I have a love for DIY projects and fancy looking meals but a lack of skill to actually do them…not a good combination. Perhaps that is why yesterday’s Easter lunch did not go as I planned.

We did have a good Passover dinner. As I mentioned yesterday my matzoh balls were to die for. That may not be a good choice of words when referring to food… but you get the meaning I am shooting for. They were really really good. Even Jay tried them and said so. In fact on the Jay scale my Passover meal got a 9 out of 10. That is something unheard of unless it is beef stew, my beef stew always gets a perfect 10. Most meals get no more than a 8. I was on a high, and ready for a repeat success. I should have stopped while ahead.

Hubby has been working so much. In fact he wasn’t even suppose to be here yesterday but somehow he managed to actually get to spend some of Easter with us. I know he misses his family and wanted to recreate for him what he would get if we were back there. So I tried to make a traditional meal that he would have gotten if he was home. I even had pork. That should have been the warning sign there. A good Jewish girl like me should leave cooking pork to the non-Jewish people. But the thing was, this pork was already cooked. All I had to do was defrost and cook it according to the directions. How could I have gotten that wrong? It looked pretty… but the taste… different story. Then there was the black beans. Hubby and I have been together for almost 16 years. I cannot tell you how many times I have watched my mother in law make black beans. All in all it is not a hard recipe. And yet still… my beans don’t ever taste the way hers do. I could go on and on about the meal but the best way to describe it is by telling you the rating that Jay bestowed upon it. I got a 5. A mediocre lousy 5. SIGH. And the whole meal which took me a total of 3 hours to make took only 20 minutes for my family to consume. 20 minutes and that included the blessing hubby said. Of course his blessing was equivalent to “Rub a dub dub here comes the grub” but still.

The kids left the table to play with their new things the Easter Bunny had left them. Hubby kissed me on the head in a nice try my dear fashion and headed off to bed to take a nap before his midnight shift. I remained at the table staring at the mountains of dishes to be washed and my glass full of the homemade Sangria I made. It wasn’t the best Sangria but it wasn’t the worse. So I drank it. And then I drank hubby’s glass he left and the leftovers in the pitcher too. Suddenly the whole meal didn’t seem so bad to me. So what if my meal was not Paula Dean good and my table setting was not Martha Stewart perfect. So what if the whole meal had only lasted 20 minutes. The fact was that we actually all were together for that 20 minutes. Hubby who was not supposed to even be home was home! And Jay may not have liked my food but at least he tried it and ate some of it. For 20 minutes we sat together around a table with no TV on. We all talked and laughed and rare as it is the kids did not fight. In that regard it was a very successful dinner.

Maybe it was the Sangria, or maybe I just finally smarten up, but I realized last night while putting the dishes in the dishwasher just how lucky I really am.

I think I just might have to make Sangria more often!

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