Throw away the Matza and hand over that Chocolate Bunny

I think the thing my children enjoy the most about Easter is the fact that it means Passover is over for them. You see in our home we celebrate both holidays. Yup… both. I am Jewish and hubby is not. Mixing the two holidays sometimes gets a little confusing. For example, I could not find a regular table-cloth so we had our sedar on top of a Bunny table-cloth. I tried to figure out a way to make it work… but never did come up with one. I don’t think there were many bunnies back then living in the dessert and Egypt but I am sure the man upstairs over looked it. Anyway in celebration of both holidays I thought I would post a few pictures and tell a few funny stories that go with them. If you look closely you will see that my daughter tried to slide a different book into her Haggada. Hey at least it was the Rugrats Let My Babies GO Passover story.

Elijah’s Cup on top of my Spring Tullip and Bunny Table cloth. I was not lying when I wrote that we did it!

No funny story for this picture. I am just so proud out how light and fluffy my matza balls turned out I had to share it! Someone please comment about them… PLEASE! LOL Look very closely at this picture. Notice the nose. Ahhh… the old tissue up the nostrils trick so that my sensory kid did not smell the eggs while decorating them. We also had to keep reminding him that yes they were hard-boiled but that the shells would break if he pressed to hard. After the 5th egg he got that point!

A DEVILED EGG get it? Don’t worry Jay did not get it at first either! Oh my husband’s wacky sense of humor. Okay I admit… I was stitches over this one. I married the guy what do you expect. Of course I appreciate his off the wall sense of humor. Not sure if they look more like the Easter Bunnies or the Marx Brothers! I never forget a face, but in your case I’ll be glad to make an exception.~Groucho Marx

4 thoughts on “Throw away the Matza and hand over that Chocolate Bunny

  1. your matza balls might be good but your mothers were grear!!!!!!!!!!. hmmm egg salad and matza does sound good !!!!!!!
    who says you will suffer in the bathroom?????????? not me thank G-D, !!!!!!!! love your blog

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