SnapShot Saturday

It’s SnapShot Saturday! Today’s Picture was submitted by Mama Gone Crazy who has two blogs You’re on Momma’s Time and Educating My Children. Below is her reasons for why she feels this picture represents Autism to her. If you would like to share a picture for Snapshot Saturdays… just let me know! I would love to do it! Don’t forget to show some love to Mama Gone Crazy too! That’s Bug. Bug is a generally happy kid. He smiles. He laughs. But it is usually to himself and for himself. The only person he really ever gets goofy with is his sister. Most of the rest of the time he has the same look on his face – it is a slightly blank stare and he also appears deep in thought to me.

Blank, but in thought, all at the same time. It’s like he is trying to figure the world out – and the world is big. It surrounds him, kind of like the trees on that path. And he’s small, and it can be overwhelming…

Some days I really wish I could get inside his brain and find out if what I am thinking is what he is thinking, but until then, if he ever opens up, I will just have to watch him and make my own assumptions. Submitted by Mama Gone Crazy

2 thoughts on “SnapShot Saturday

    1. Thank you for submitting the picture! Bug is a cutie pie! I appreciate you sharing him with me and my readers. Your words describing the picture were beautiful!

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