Do Animals Have Aspergers?

I took the kids the other day to a local hands on zoo. While we were walking around I happened to ask Jay the question, “Do you think animals have Aspergers?” He stopped and thought a moment before he answered, “Yes, some. Some animals our really smart, they outsmart their predators. They have to think in a different way to just survive. Those animals… yes they have Aspergers.” Wow how profound is that?

Today while downloading some other pictures off my camera I came across the zoo pictures. I called Jay in to take a look at them. “Which of these animals do you think has Aspergers, and why?”, I asked him. Below is his response. I warn you ahead of time… be prepared to be amazed by the incredible insight my 10-year-old son has! I certainly was.

PIGS– “No way. These guys can’t look ahead to anything but their next meal. Not autistic… just hungry!”
GOATS- “These guys were smart. I mean they were reaching way over for food, and pushing each other out-of-the-way. But I don’t think they were Aspergers smart. They did not take matters into their own hands. They still sat there waiting for someone to come feed them.”
KANGAROO- “Most definitely have Aspergers! Just look at his face. It is wise. He was seeking answers… I can tell. Like me. Also whenever we got too close to his cage… he hopped back.” PEACOCK– ” YES!!! Every peacock is different. Just like every Aspie kid is different. EXOTIC BIRD- “Yes, cuz he has different colors. Autism is like having different colors.” ANTELOPE- “This guy had Aspergers for sure. He followed us all around. He got stuck on something and just couldn’t get it out of his head. And he wanted to connect to someone. We all want that.” PORCUPINE– “Yes, he was very smart. He was looking for a way out of his pen. He reminded me of me! He also had spikes to protect himself. I liked that.” SNAKE– “Ahhh the snake. I think some snakes have Aspergers. The venomous ones. Those are sly and cunning. They are focused on what they want and are reckless in their pursuit of it. That is the good part about having Aspergers mom. You are really focused on your goals.” ME: “And what is the bad part about having Aspergers?” JAY: “You are really focused on your goals!”

I told you very profound! God I love my boy!

6 thoughts on “Do Animals Have Aspergers?

  1. You’re right, those are the most profound observations! How insightful of him to be able to recognize characteristics and personalities and be able to relate those things to aspergers. Thanks so much for sharing this!

  2. So smart!!! And this gave me such insight into Aspergers. You must be incredibly proud of your intelligent and creative son. I can’t believe the insight and intelligence he has for being so young. I especially loved his response to the exotic bird…that’s just beautiful. 🙂

    Thanks so much for linking up with The Lightning and the Lightning Bug!!

  3. Oh my goodness he is SO smart!!! What a good boy! 🙂 I absolutely loved this post. Great job! Reminded me of Temple Grandin’s work. If you haven’t heard of her, you HAVE to look her up. You probably have, but just in case. She is autistic and is famous for being able to understand animals for that very reason. Looks like your wonderful boy might have a touch of the same streak in him!

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