Bubble Boy

I remember reading a quote a while back from a gentleman named Travis Breeding who has Aspergers. He said, “It’s like there’s a bubble and a “normal” person can pop it and get to the social world where someone with Asperger’s or autism will spend their whole life trying to get in the bubble and keep bouncing off over and over again.” This image of a bubble has stuck with me. To me the bubble represents autism. This is why I find it so ironic that Jay and Gracie wanted to actually get into a real bubble yesterday.
We were shopping yesterday, something that both my children do not particularly enjoy. So when they spotted these giant Euro Bubbles walking on water things hubby and I agreed to let them try it. I have to admit… they did look like fun. Jay even waited in line without complaining. As he got closer to the front he began to flap more and more in excitement. He did not complain when they asked him to remove his shoes and socks. He did not complain when he had to walk on the wet cold and rather dirty floor. And he did not complain when they stuck the quite large vacuum type thing into his bubble to blow it up. All he did was sit back and hold his ears… but then all the kids were doing that.

I am not sure who enjoyed the bubbles more… the kids or me. It was so much fun to watch my children. Especially Jay. I was afraid he would get nervous about being stuck inside this bubble as he does not like closed in spaces. But he didn’t. I was afraid that he would get frustrated if he could not stand up. But he did stand up! I was afraid the feeling of the plastic on his feet would drive him crazy. But it didn’t. Too think I almost said no when they asked to go. I thought I was being a good autism mom. I was avoiding what I thought could be a major meltdown trigger. In many ways I realize now that it is me that puts my child in the bubble… not his autism.

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  1. IT is often our anxiety that leads us to not allow our children to try new things. I had this experience a few years ago when your niece met me and the kids at Disney. She had agreed to take A on all the roller coaster rides she loves but doesnt want to go on alone. While we were in line, D decided he wanted to go on Space Mountain too. I said no, that it was dark and fast and he doesnt really like roller coasters, he said he really really wanted to try it. So I relented, worried the whole time he would return melted down and I would need to do something to calm him down. After the ride everyone came off, D said, mom that was a little scarey…….but he was CALM! And handled the rest of the day fine. Maybe the moral to both these stories is…. time to trust our little guys to try something new, and reward the effort, and breath as they become more and more ready for the world without us.

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