I’m Having a Pity Party and You Are INVITED!

Yesterday I was ready to have one of those meltdowns that I write about Jay having. I just had enough! I was feeling defeated, dejected, disappointed and any other depressing “D” word you can think of. Usually I am able to just shake off these kind of icky feelings but for some reason I am having a hard time shaking it. I know I can’t change Jay or anyone else for that matter. I can only change myself. I know it is up to me to dumb the funk and ease on down the road to happiness. Positive mental attitude, think happy and you’ll be happy and all that other feel good yadda yadda yadda crap. I know this… but sometimes I think you just got to allow yourself a chance to feel sorry for yourself before you can move on. Sometimes you just have to have a good ole fashion PITY PARTY. So that is what I am doing with this post. For a few minutes I am going to wallow in self-pity and allow myself to feel like the whole world is picking on me. I will bitch, I will whine and then… I will move on. And guess what? Since misery loves company, I am inviting you to do the same today. Yes my dear readers. Today I invite you to the biggest PITY PARTY ever. I encourage you to whine, bitch and complain. Write what is bugging you in the comments today. Get it all out and then… move on!

Okay to get you started here is why I feel like I am in meltdown mode? To begin with for the past week I have had to check everyone’s hair strand by strand because lice is going around Gracie’s class. I repeat everyone’s hair. Have you tried to comb through a child’s hair who has sensory issues? Not easy. (I know now it all makes sense why Jay is so off this week… I get it, but it still doesn’t make living with him any easier.) So not only are we all walking around scratching from just the thought of it all (I bet you start scratching right about now. Did you do it?) I have been cleaning everything like crazy just in case. Moving on with my gripes…Hubby is working midnights this week so that means I have to try to figure out ways to keep the kids occupied and quiet. It has been raining here so we have not been able to go outside. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have said “SHHH” over the past 96 hours. Then there was the whole fish eraser incident. (If you are just joining me… make sure to read yesterday’s post about Mr. Magic Fish… you will understand what I am talking about.) And lastly what pushed me over the edge yesterday…In the middle of my shopping trip to Target my cell phone rang. It was the school’s number. Every mom knows that when you get a call from the school in the middle of the day, well it is probably not to tell you what an angel your child is being. Anyway long story a little shorter, Jay basically talked back to his teacher. He told her she was wrong and that he was not going to listen to her and then proceeded to turn his back on her and began to read a book. (Just for the record… Jay was wrong … which is a fairly new concept to him and thus the major problem and attitude.) There was a meltdown, tears… you name it. But wait… this is not the part that made ME want to meltdown! When Jay got home I calmly started to talk about what happened. Jay lost it and told me he did not want to talk about it. I said I understood that it was difficult, no one likes to be wrong. Well Jay went all psycho lawyer on me. He started stomping around the room screaming about how it is his Constitutional rights to not talk. Yeah sure laugh now, but in the heat of the moment… this judge and jury wanted to convict him and put him over my knee as his sentence! (Side note: I do not hit my kids… I may think about doing it from time to time like any other normal mom, but I do not do it!) Remember… Hubby was trying to sleep during all this. I knew something had to be done so I did the very mature thing and told the kids I was putting myself in time out before I killed them both! You should have seen the looks on their faces.

Wow I feel so much better now. This Pity Party whining stuff works. Okay your turn. Go ahead and leave a comment. You will feel so much better!

19 thoughts on “I’m Having a Pity Party and You Are INVITED!

  1. Well done, Sharon!! Everyone needs to throw pity parties every so often. My last one came in the form of a flat tyre at 6:30am on Tuesday – big tears because I felt so sorry for myself and of course all of the emotions of the last year came flooding back……. “The only reason I am leaving the house at 6:30am is because of ….”. “The only reason I am commuting is because of……. “The only reason I am changing a tyre is because of……. “The only reason I am filthy is because of……”

    Needless to say, I have emerged from under my dark, tyre cloud knowing that I CAN change a tyre and I have got over another hurdle of “The only reason……..

    1. Oh Emma… my sweet brave Emma. If anyone deserves a Pity party this past year it is you! I have not told you this but I am so very proud of you! Look what you have done in the past year! You are an amazing mom and woman!!! Every day you impress me more. WOW… I would have had to call AAA! Good for you!

    1. Oh Spectrummy Mummy I just went back and read it. Great BLOG post! Yes why do our kids hate time outs so much? Okay everyone else needs to go back and read Spectrummy Mummy’s post too. Very very funny and oh so true!

      FYI… If you are bringing the ice cream, mint chocolate chip is my favorite! LOL

  2. Hi there, coming over from twitter where I had a mini rant. We’re on the Easter holidays, only first week in, another week and a bit to go and I can’t stand it at the moment. I have a 12 year old son with ASD and a 9 year old girl with Aspergers who are continually arguing, pushing, and poking one another. On top of this continual fighting, we then had an absolute mega meltdown yesterday from 12 year old over a gadget show (too long a story to explain here) but the meltdown was so bad, he has broken the toilet and then sped away from the house on his bike in the dark. Couldn’t find him and was about to call the emergency services when he appeared thankfully. He still hasn’t calmed down and is still swearing and is aggressive today. Fed up of dealing with my kids all the time while my OH works, fed up of being stuck in the house because my kids won’t go or can’t cope going out. Fed up, fed up, fed up.

    1. Deb… wow… you have have every right to feel fed up! I am afraid that will be me next week as our Spring break starts after today. Schedules get all screwy, too much together time, fighting over who gets to watch what on TV and so on and so on. I hear you my friend and I truly do understand your where you are coming from. Try and do something for yourself. Maybe that will help. Spectrummy Mummy was on to something with her adult time outs. Make are the kids are safe, and can’t get out so you don’t have that worry and then go take a long bath or paint your nails or BLOG… or whatever else that makes you feel better. And know that you are not alone. I try to use humor to mask my pain but deep down… I really do get you!

  3. You had me at hello -I mean pity party! My post today “Make it Funky!” http://confessionsofanaspergersmom.blogspot.com/2011/04/make-it-funky.html is about yesterday’s funky pity party. I had to step away from it for a day before I even had the energy to write. My phone just rang -it’s the high school. Mr. Disrespectful-you’re-the-worst-mom-ever wants to know if I will bring him some lunch! NOT. I have moved on…but I’m not freakin’ crazy!

    1. I loved your post today Karen and no you are not crazy! You are a great mom who is telling it like it is. I love that about your blog. I have to say I get a little nervous when I read your posts though because I can see so much of my Jay in your boys. I wonder if that is what our high school years will be like. Oh god now I really need a margarita! Or maybe that yummy cake you had a picture of the other day on your site. Wait where is Spectrummy Mummy with that ice cream? LOL

    1. Jay was diagnosed with Sensory Integration Disorder at 3 but we did not get his official Asperger diagnosis until he was 7. I wish we would have known now then. I mean thankfully he did receive therapy back then but not what he really needed. But that is all history. Like my post said… Time to move on. Thanks for reading. Yes every day is a challenge but it is also a blessing!

  4. Oh do I remember those days. When Emo Man was in 3rd grade and Lurch in Kindergarten, the oldest ran away from home and the youngest started a campfire in his bedroom ON THE SAME DAY! I wanted to check myself into the psych ward…

  5. It seems like I’ve been having a lot of pity parties these days. I have an 18 month old diva, a 5 year old chatterbox, a 8 year old with Aspergsers and ADHD, a 17 year old with NVLD and am going through a seperation with my husband. Oh, did I mention my 17 daughter is about to make me a grandma? I’m only 36 for heavens sake. I have learned that I can have my moments of pity and lash out at the world but then I try to become positive and turn my day around.

    1. Brandee I crown you the queen today! WOW you got a lot on your plate. My heart goes out to you! Amazing that you can be so positive. You are inspiring! HUGS!!!

  6. Oh Sharon, I can really relate!! I am mum to a 5 year old boy with Autism. I am also in the process of (finally) separating his extremely abusive father. People have said, “wow, you’re great, I don’t know HOW you do it!”, which often leaves me feeling like I should be some sort of super woman who never lets things get to her. If I’m honest, I’m not “doing it” – I’m a mess!!! I often wish I could get in my car and leave, never to return. Obviously I cannot do this so the only other option is to keep going. Today I had an hour of DS and daddy both screaming at me and telling me how much they hate me (stemming from daddy accusing me of not concentrating when I was driving). Aaaaargh!!!!!

    Anyway, sorry, that’s my vent over with.

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