Life is like a skinned knee

As I was picking myself up off the ground yesterday I realized something. Life is like a skinned knee. Stay with me here it really does make sense and I will explain what I was doing on the ground later, I promise. But first, go back to that time when you were first remembering to ride a bike. Can you picture it? Your dad just took the training wheels off and you nervously hop on your now wobbly bike. Dad holds onto the back and tells you to peddle. He runs behind you as you start to peddle faster. Suddenly he lets go and for a few minutes you are flying. Then you loose your confidence and crash… you fall onto the ground skinning your knee. Dad and mom come racing over to you, help you up and take you into the bathroom to clean up your knee. With a band-aid and a kiss your are as good as new. And then, are you ready for the life lesson part, dad says, “Okay time to get back on the bike and try again!”

Yesterday I went walking. I decided that I needed to shake things up a little bit and started to jog. Okay it was more like a wog you know a walk/jog but still definitely something to get my heart pumping. But instead of just concentrating on exercise, on how good it felt to be outside on such a nice day, I was thinking of all the things I needed to do the rest of the day. I believe it was somewhere between calling the accountant and sending in the renewal for my car registration when BAM… I missed the fact that the sidewalk had suddenly slopped up. I lost my footing and as if in slow motion, I slowly and I do mean slowly fighting every second, fell to the ground. In a conscious effort to not fall on my face or my right arm which is already messed up, I fell completely on my left knee and then rolled and fell onto my left arm and wrist. OUCH! I sat there a second in disbelief and then started to take inventory of my body parts. Yup everything still there… minus some skin of course. This little old Oriental woman who obviously saw the whole thing came running over to me. She did not speak a lick of English but I could get the jest of what she meant. I gave her my best but very forced smile and tried to communicate to her that I was okay. I even managed to finally get up to assure her. We bowed at each other and she went on her way and I started the very LONG limping walk home. After about a block I decided to forgo the hero act and finally called my husband, who had just gone to sleep as he is working midnights this week- poor guy, to come get me in his car. At that point I was not sure what was injured more… my body or my ego. Correction… it was definitely my ego. Hubby was a dear and he managed to fight back his laughter enough in order to clean me up and gauze me back together. He gave me ice, he gave me ibuprofen and even a kiss to make it all better.

Today I feel like a semi truck hit me. My body is achy all over and yes… my knee hurts. Hubby told me that this was obviously a sign that I need to slow down and pay attention to what I am doing. “You need to rest today. Don’t do anything.You try to do to much. You don’t have to do everything Sharon.” He obviously did not read my blog yesterday or else he would have known that I already realized that and I did take off the Super Mom Cape. And that is when it all came together. Sometimes I think I wear the cape because it is easy to hide behind. It is easier to take on lots and lots of things and then if something goes wrong, well you have an excuse. I was talking to my girlfriend about this on the phone this morning. She brought up a great point. The thing is when you try to do everything, you end up doing nothing 100%. Maybe it is better to do one thing and be able to give it a whole 100% before starting something else. Wow… to me the queen of multitasking that is a very new concept.

So to get back to my bike analogy from earlier. Life is like a skinned knee. You are going to fall down sometimes and that is okay. Hopefully you will have someone there to help you back up, clean you off and even kiss your boo boo. But in order to grow, in order to succeed you have to get back on the bike and try again. And perhaps the next time around, pay a little more attention to the road you are traveling down. And who would have thought a simple WOGGING accident could make me so insightful?

2 thoughts on “Life is like a skinned knee

  1. Slowing down?! I laugh. – HA HA
    FCAT’s this morning. Jamie got up with plenty of time for breakfast, etc. Can you believe we still got side tracked? We run out the door. I tell her there’s no time, I’m going to have to drop her and she has to run for the door – she can’t be late. The hair is not brushed (LOL). As she’s brushing, she realizes she doesn’t have anything to pull her hair back with. She eyes the bungy in my hair. Okay, you can have it. I pull it out, give it to her. She says, “oh mommy, I like your hair like that.” She finishes, we pull up and she makes her mad dash and is on time. Now, I have to run back home and re-check the house (coffee pot, doors, etc) before going to work. As I pull up to my street, I notice a police car on the corner and I wonder what happened – but, no time, can’t worry about them. I turn, pull into my circular drive and BAM! Can you believe I misjudged the turn in my own driveway?! Thank goodness the coral rocks were there – I think they saved me from a total front end impact into the Queen Palm. They say most accidents happen close to home. HA HA, this one was pretty close. Lesson: Slow down! You’re not alone Sharon.

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