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Ultimate Blog Party 2011
I am on Cloud Nine right now! It’s April 1st and that means it is AUTISM AWARENESS MONTH! My kids were all dressed in Blue today and wearing there Light it up Blue Pins and a special puzzle piece pin that we made. When I asked Jay what he would say to people if they asked him why he was wearing them he said, “It’s for Autism Awareness.” Okay check, one right answer. So then I asked him, “What if they ask you what is autism. What will you tell them?” And my BABY held his head up high, pulled his shoulders back, smiled and said, “I will tell them I HAVE AUTISM. People with autism think differently. Like me. We are not sick, we are not dumb… we just think differently and we want people to know that!” I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO PROUD!!!!

And so I feel like celebrating. I want to shout from my rooftop what Jay said. But since I am afraid of heights, I decided to jump on the Mommy Blog bandwagon instead. So I am joining the Ultimate Blog Party. If you are reading this because you found me from there… WELCOME!
I hope you take a few minutes to look around my Blog. But since time is so precious I am going to post a few facts on this page, that way, in case you decide to never come back, which of course I hope you don’t…. please come back please… anyway, I am posting these facts as an effort to bring awareness to my cause. I am doing it for JAY. All the Jays out there want you to know that they are not sick, they are not dumb… they just want to be understood, accepted and treated with compassion and respect!

*April 2nd is World Autism Awareness Day-
People all around the world will wear BLUE to show their support
*1 in 110 children is diagnosed with autism
*67 children are diagnosed per a day
*A new case is diagnosed every 20 minutes
*More children will be diagnosed with autism this year then with AIDS, diabetes and cancer combined
*Autism receives less than 5% of the research funding of many less prevalent childhood diseases.


18 thoughts on “Reason to PARTY

  1. I would be really proud of my kid, too! He sounds (they both sound) really amazing! Happy UBP! I hope to see you around. Good luck with your blog.

  2. Hi! I followed you from the party. I have 2 little boys on the autism spectrum… a 6yo with Asperger’s and honestly no idea where on the spectrum my 18mo is sitting yet. It’s definitely nice to stumble across other autism mommies! Enjoy the party!

  3. Thanks for stopping by tales of mommyhood! I look forward to reading more about your hildren/family! Jay’s answer had me choked up! Thanks for joining the party!

  4. Returning th visit and I have to say I absolutely “CRAZY LOVE” you blog hop pic…that martini looks yummy!!!
    What a great reason to blog…I have a couple a friend with a child that has asperger’s and a couple other one’s with autistic children…”We have our blue light on” and are in observance of Autism Awareness Month…

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend and happy blogging šŸ˜‰

    1. Thanking you for lighting up Blue and please keep spreading the word. Feel free to give your friends my blog address. There is nothing like another Autism parent . We understand each others language! Thanks again!

  5. There’s an awesome sandwich cutter set that cuts into puzzle pieces, which I know is the logo for Autism awareness stuff. And Melissa, from http://www.anotherlunch.com/ did a great series of cute lunches incorporating these cutters. She used it for cheese, sandwiches… all kinds of fun stuff! That’s where I first saw all the artistic lunch ideas and decided to try myself!
    Have you discovered http://www.hartleysboys.com/? Another great Autism blog.

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