“The Fight for Order and Peace Throughout the Galaxy”

For Jay’s Birthday all he wanted was the new Star Wars 3 Clone Wars DS game. I pre-ordered it and finally, after days of checking the mail box as soon as school was over, it arrived! Slight problem… we have a rule in our house: No Video games during the school week. My poor son, he was so happy and sad at the same time. “Can I just open it to read the book mom? PLEASE!”, he begged. “Fine but only after you finish your homework.” We had no time management issues with homework yesterday, that is for sure.

At dinner Jay excitedly rattled on, “Our heroes are under siege Grace, under siege. Do you know what that means?” Then without ever giving his sister a chance to respond he continued, “They are being attacked by a villainous force with deep ties to the dark side. It is a fight for order and peace throughout the galaxy”, he said between mouthfuls of pork loin and broccoli. I admit, I was listening up to this point half heartily but that phrase “Fighting for order and peace throughout the galaxy” snapped me back to attention. Jay may have been referring to a galaxy far far away… but that same phrase could be used to describe what we do here in our home every day.

While rearranging Jay’s pillows last night in an effort to prop him up higher so he could breathe better, he has a slight cold, I found his new game under his pillow. He waited to see what my reaction would be. I waited to see what he would say. I said nothing, smiled and put the game back under the pillow. Jay smiled, then sat up and kissed me on the cheek. For a moment… there was order and peace in our galaxy.

My son spends so much of his day fighting to make sense of things. I will never be able to totally understand what he goes through, how he thinks and why he does what he does. But that doesn’t mean that I can’t fight to help him have order and peace. So throw me a light saber and move out-of-the-way, cause this Mama Bear has a mission. My baby boy is under siege by the villainous force of autism. It has deep ties to the Dark Side. But I will Fight for Order and Peace throughout the Galaxy.

Don’t worry my little Jedi… Mama will always be fighting!

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