No Blue Slime This Year

About a week ago Jay came up with a great idea and decided to write to Nickelodeon and ask them to to turn there usually Green slime BLUE during there Kid’s Choice Awards Show which airs this Saturday, April 2nd which just so happens to be the same day as World Autism Awareness Day. It was a fabulous letter and I have to admit I thought it was a very clever idea myself. For the past 8 days Jay has been dreaming about not only watching some of his favorite TV Stars get slimmed with the gooey BLUE stuff but watching it in person. He had created this scenario in his head that the producers of the show would love his idea so much that they would fly him out there, where ever THERE is because I certainly don’t know where the show is filmed, and invite him to watch the show in person. He has even gone so far as to wonder what he would wear. I, not wanting to put a damper on his big dreams but also not wanting to disappoint him, have been explaining that although it was an incredible idea, we most likely would not even get a response back from the letter. After all… just imagine how busy they are getting ready for the show. Jay is smart and he assured me that he knew this, “But a guy can dream can’t he?” Yes Jay a guy can dream.

Last night I was checking my emails and lo and behold… we received an answer back from the Senior Vice President for Nickelodeon. Even though there will not be any Blue slime, and they are not flying him out to watch the show in person, he was so excited to get a response… and see his name several times in the letter. I was so concerned that he would be heartbroken… but he was so happy to just get a response. “They read it mom… and that is something, right?”

Yes Jay… that is something. And so are you! I really do learn from my son. He is SOMETHING! Below is the letter we got back. I did log on to VH1 and the entire site does have Autism stuff on it. Unfortunately I could not even tell you what channel on my cable system VH1 is… but I guess I will find out. As Jay says… IT’S SOMETHING!

Dear Ms. ~~~,

Thank you for your note and for sharing Jay’s insightful comments. Our team is glad to learn that Jay enjoys Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards and found his suggestions of turning Nickelodeon Slime blue and wearing blue ribbons really creative. Unfortunately, production for the event is underway and such changes cannot be implemented. Your suggestions will be relayed to the appropriate staff members for future consideration.

As it pertains to Autism, you may be interested in our sister network’s campaign, VH1 Classic’s Rock Autism. For more information and resources, please visit http://www.vh1.com/partners/vh1classic_rock_autism/.

We commend your commitment to raising awareness about Autism. At Nickelodeon, we believe in the power of kids and families to make a difference on the issues they are passionate about. We encourage them to do so through The Big Help campaign. You and Jay truly embody that spirit. To learn more about The Big Help, please visit www.thebighelp.com.

Again, we appreciate your feedback and hope your family enjoys the Kids’ Choice Awards this coming Saturday.

Jean Margaret Smith
Senior Vice President
Public Affairs & Administration
MTVN Kids & Family Group
1515 Broadway
New York, New York 10036

5 thoughts on “No Blue Slime This Year

  1. I’m finding the same thing- got to start these efforts WAY before April. I guess every month is autism awareness month! It is awesome that he got a response, and just as much that he wasn’t upset by it. Maybe next year it will turn blue, right?

    1. I am going to surprise Jay this weekend and make our own BLUE slime… so he will get Blue slime on Autism Awareness Day! It will make his day I am sure! LOL But yes… hopefully next year we will get the real stuff… on TV where it counts and millions of people will see it and start talking about. As my hubby says… Baby steps.

  2. Yes…baby steps. The blue will catch on. Nickelodeon is probably thinking, “Why didn’t we think of that?!”

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