Curse You Ben Franklin

I am jumping on the I hate Daylight Saving Time whining wagon! What was Benjamin Franklin thinking when he conceived this? Shifting an hour from the morning to evening may have made sense to him, but he obviously was not thinking about what this change would do to his fellow Asperger friends. (Yes they say Ben was an Aspie too.)

In case you could not tell, Jay is not handling the time change very well. Jay, like most autistic children, needs structure and routine. When things don’t go as they should (the way he perceives they should at least) well frustration and meltdowns occur. When the time changes, it is more than just an inconvenience to him. The external clock is an entire hour off of his internal clock. His body is telling him one thing while mommy, daddy and everyone else are telling him something different. He went to bed last night while it was still light and woke up when it was still dark. I am not autistic and I had a hard time getting up this morning… I can only imagine what it most be like for him.

It took 15 minutes to coach him out of bed this morning. He just would not budge, even though we talked about it last night. He knew it would be dark when he got up today but still… he would not budge. The only thing that got him moving was that his fear of being late for school is stronger than anything else. Instead of arguing I just told him, “Jay, I know it seems like it is earlier than it is, but it isn’t. If you don’t get up now and start getting ready you will be late for school. Your choice.” Begrudgingly he got up. With tears running down his cheeks, he slowly (molasses was faster than him this morning) got ready for school.

I know he will adjust in a few days… but until then, every morning I will continue to curse Ben Franklin. (In my head of course!)

2 thoughts on “Curse You Ben Franklin

  1. Hopefully tomorrow will be better! I had a hard time getting up myself this morning. How I long for the time I lived in Hawaii as they don’t observe Daylight Saving Time there. Anyway, I was very worried about Thomas this morning b/c he has standarized tests this week, but he was so nervous about being late that he got up early (which means he will be especially cranky tonight)!

  2. Nathan was late to school today because of day light savings not to mention Gabriel’s schedule. You can’t explain day light savings to a 2 year old. The only person happy about it is Bryan because he will have extra daylight to ride his bike after work. Good luck with Jay!

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