Reality Check

The first thing I saw on my Facebook page this morning was a post from a dear friend of mine, she was my neighbor when we lived overseas. Her family is now stationed in Japan. Her post started out by saying that everything in her home was gone… stuff shattered everywhere and that she had not heard from her children! The 8.9 earthquake that literally rattled her world had hit at 2:46pm local time… when school was getting out. I cannot even imagine what she must have felt. Thankfully she posted again with a message for a family member to call her other family members back in the states and tell them they are all okay. No postings since then.

I write this because to me this was a huge reality check. Although my journey is important to me… G-d has a lot more important things to do then show me signs. I feel selfish. Certainly I would rather he hear and respond to my friend then to me. Sometimes we, well at least I do, get so consumed in our own lives that we forget the REAL world. There are people who have had their homes destroyed and don’t know where they will sleep tonight, like my friend. Others are praying for their loves one to get well or at least to not suffer anymore. And the list goes on.

So today instead of asking G-d for signs… I will say a prayer that he reach out to my friend and to all the others who need him now a lot more than I do.

2 thoughts on “Reality Check

  1. Sharon,

    I’m glad that your friend found her kids. I wake up this morning
    And heard on TV the awful news. My prayers go out to
    Everyone there.

  2. I agree – “reality check” is G-d’s sign letting you/us know that you/we are ok and that he has just been a little busy. It’s G-d’s way of saying, “Please hold.”

    I know it helps me sometimes when I talk to others; listening and hearing about what they are going through. It makes me realize that while I feel I may be going through something terrible (or a difficult time) it really isn’t as bad as it could be. I cry for too many sometimes.

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