10 Minutes of Bliss

Most of my life I have lived in South Florida where seasons consist of Hot and HOTTER, so the idea of Spring is a very new concept to me. After what has seemed like years of gray cold days, today we had what I guess you would call a SPRING day. The temperature outside, a crisp 58 degrees and the sun, shinning. A perfect day to open up all the windows and air out the house. Little did I know when I was opening my office window today (weird how it is always that window that gets me thinking) that I would be opening up my heart as well.

A brisk breeze blew onto my face. My quiet house was suddenly filled with the sounds of children playing on the playground of the school across the street. The birds that had gone south for the winter had returned and were chirping their hellos to one another. The sun was shining down on the tree outside my window, a tree that now had the most beautiful tiny red blooms sprouting from it’s once bare branches. So this is what Spring is like!

I was not planning on walking today, in fact I had jeans on, but a sudden sensation to get outside swept over me. I was not sure where I was going, and it didn’t really matter. This was not my usual purposeful walk where my main goal is to get my heart rate above 115… no this was (are you ready for this) a walk for pleasure. As I walked, I started to cry. I was crying because I was happy. The sound of children laughing made me happy. The sun shinning down on my face made me happy. The tranquil melody of wind chimes made me happy. The nod of hello and smile from a passing stranger made me happy. It was as if every ounce of my being was suddenly alive and awake. No words can truly express the sense of calm and serenity I felt. I was not asking for a sign. In fact I was not even looking. I mean I was cleaning when this, whatever you want to call, happened.

Then just as quickly as this feeling came, it was gone. The sound of children laughing was replaced by a teacher yelling at her students to line up to go in. The sun disappeared behind a cloud. The beautiful music of the wind chimes was masked by the beeping of a backing up garbage truck. The friendly stranger’s smile was replaced by a frown and a curse as he picked up the mail he had dropped on the ground.

It would have been easy to have felt disappointment, and yet I did not. For 10 whole minutes I felt blissfully happy. I have taken a mental picture of this so I can recall this time, especially on those trying days. 10 minutes of bliss was just what I needed to sooth my soul. 10 minutes of bliss made me feel fresh and ready to handle whatever is thrown my way.

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  1. Yes, having lived in the North most of my life, spring is very uplifting for the mind and body! January and February are my least favorite months of the year. Maybe there is something to seasonal affective disorder (SAD), although I took extra vitamin D this winter and it didn’t seem to make much of a difference. If you haven’t before, make sure you take in the National Cherry Blossom Festival. The Mall can be crowded, however, and there are some parks in Fairfax County that have a lot of cherry trees too (Meadowlark Gardens is nice). Enjoy Spring!

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